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Come here throughout the reading period to discuss any observations or questions you have that aren’t covered by our core questions!

Well…many people have grown up under an Archie Bunker type of man…but one who is consumed by governmental paranoia and the illuminati offers unique insights. So far I am enjoying the read.

I agree! The father’s growing paranoia as the book continues, as well as his undying conviction that his way is the only True way, makes for a very interesting read. Without both the deep religious faith AND the bipolar-induced paranoia, their family dynamic would have been completely different.

I am not sure Shawn is more damaged…and has become a little “interested” in Tara. The bi-polar might be there…not Tara’s father. At least support from BYU has her applying a lttle knowledge to the cave she grew up in.

Something I found interesting in this book was Tara’s motivation to study for the ACT. Where I work currently, I help a lot of students prepare for the the ACT and other tests like it. My students have had a formal education all of their lives and still have lots of difficulties taking this test. For Tara to have had no education what so ever and get a 28 on the test is quite amazing! (The test may have been different when she took it than it is now, but still) For those that may not know much about the ACT, a 28 is about the 88th percentile.That means only 12% of the students across the nation that took the same test scored better than her. A 28 opens a lot of doors for students and gives them lots of colleges to choose from. It just shows that with strong determination and hard work, anything is possible! I have tried to mention this to my students every chance I get.


I finished the book…and I am glad I read ahead. It is so keenly expressed in Educated how a child can break free and become its own person…yet not be tolerated functionally. No wonder the analysis industry is alive and well. Where can I begin without rambling.

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I finished the book last night. I just cannot understand how Tara’s parents allowed their son Shawn to continue his abusive behavior. Why did they not think that he was “taken over by demons”? It doesn’t make sense. Her brother was physically and verbally abusive to the entire family… yet he was protected? It is shocking what families enable bad behavior. I guess all families do this to a point but that kind of abuse is cannot be ignored.