Just start reading?

Do we follow a schedule?


I can’t figure out how this works, either.


The layout of this forum is confusing. This page has the reading schedule and it includes a link to an engaging interview with the author of Educated—-> Kicking Off Educated by Tara Westover and Video Interview

Suggested Reading Schedule:
By November 13th, finish reading chapter 1-8
By November 21st, finish reading chapter 9-16
By December 5th, finish reading chapter 25-32
By December 12th, finish reading chapter 32-40
By December 19th, finish the book for our end of book discussion


Thank you for sharing!! :smirk:

I am very much behind schedule but I hope to catch up. I was kind of on the fence about joining right now because I had just started another book, but then I read this interview of Tara Westover in The Atlantic and I was very intrigued by some of the things she had to say. In particular she used the phrase “breaking of charity” to describe a loss of empathy. Also the concept of “disfellowship” that dates to the Salem Witch Trials and refers to one community splitting into two. Westover struck me as being particularly insightful and I hope her novel is too.

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