Introductions to the Book Club

Hi all. I’m Mickey D’Addario, class of '14, American Studies. I’m currently getting my PhD in English at Duke University. I always have a lot to read, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do some reading for fun.

Hi Annie! Glad to meet you. I’ve been in MA too many years to admit!

Hi Everyone
My name is Bill Henn and I am a graduate of Marist - Class of 1969.
I made the decision to join this book club because it is something I’ve never done.
While I don’t know how this exchange of idea’s will eventually turn out, I look forward to the different view points that may be exchanged.
Realizing that I am significantly older than the vast majority of other members (and therefore bringing a different slant to future discussions) I would like you to know from the beginning that I am retired from work but not retired from life.
You should also know that I have been happily married for 50+ years, have 12 children (8 Marist graduates), and (currently) 26 grandchildren.
So let the exchanges begin…

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Welcome, Bill! Looking forward to you insights.
Sounds like you’ve got quite the family of Red Foxes! Any grand kids looking to follow in your paw prints?

My name is Joyce Simon, and I graduated from Marist in 2013 with a degree in Liberal Arts/ Social Science. Great to catch up with you all! I am a lifelong learner and reader of non-fiction.

I love your intro. I am also a Long Island Girl at :heart:! Now I live in NJ.

I graduated in '93 with a degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising.I live in NJ. I’m originally from Long Island. I was very excited when I opened the e-mail about this Book Club. I have wanted to join a bookclub for a while.

Thanks Marist! :fox_face:

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Hi all! I’m Emily and I graduated in 2014 with a Communications/Public Relations degree. Currently living in Boston and I’m an avid reader, so this will be fun! :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

I’m Ellen, I graduated in 1991 with a degree in English and a concentration in writing. I also have an MLIS degree from San Jose State. I’m from Long Island and we are currently living in New Hampshire. Looking forward to reading and discussing with you all!


Hi Ellena, my name is Susan Brannen and I graduated in 1972 being part of the first cadre of young women to enter Marist. Although my initial degree was a combined English/Russian I went on to get my MS and Doctorate (AuD.) in Audiology. Worked primarily in the public school system and am currently retired. I too have read Educated but did so without discussion with others. I look forward to listening to other perspectives.


I graduated from Marist in 2001 with my BA/MA in Community Psychology. I married my college sweetheart and we moved to WA about 7 years ago. I work as an administrator in higher education. With some recent life changes, I’ve become an avid reader again.

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Hi, everyone. My name is Mitch and I received my MBA from Marist in 2013. I am married with four children–three girls (19, 8, 3), and one boy (6). I am currently a District Manager with Verizon Wireless overseeing Southern New York (basically the Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut). I enjoy reading and writing, but this is the first book club I’ve ever joined!

Hi everyone! I’m Megan and I graduated from Marist in 2019 with a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications. Currently, I live in Upstate NY with my husband and children. I am an avid writer and hoping this book club will help get my creativity moving again.

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Hi, I’m Ally! I graduated from Marist in 2017 with a BS in Fashion Merchandising. I am an interior designer and manage a small business on Long Island. I’m looking forward to connecting with other Marist grads and making more time for reading when I can!

Hi, I’m Bri! I graduated from Marist in 2019 with my BA in Political Science and my paralegal certificate. I am a total history and politics NERD! I currently work as a lobbyist in Albany, NY and my Fiance works in the field of IT. We have a one-year-old daughter, London and a spunky french bulldog named Daisy. I enjoy going to target, listening to podcasts, binging anything True Crime, spending time outdoors, traveling and reading with my daughter. I joined this group with a few of my sorority sisters from Marist as a way to have more “me time” and for us to connect over something we all love!

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Hi I’m Kristen Rattanamongkhoune (Meltzer) ‘06/‘08. My degrees are in Psychology with a Music minor. I live in Milton, NY with my husband and baby girl. I’m looking forward to seeing what books are chosen for this group!

Hi Bill, so glad you got to Marist before me. I was afraid I would be the oldest member. Anne ‘71.

Greetings! I’m Caroline. I graduated in 2006 with a BA in Comm - Journalism. I live and work just North of Boston. My co-workers and I just started a book club at work last year and I am excited to join this one too!

Hi all. I’m Vanessa. I graduated from Marist in 2015 with a degree in Communications and Journalism. Changed my mind and went back to school to get my Master’s in Physiology. Loved the Hudson Valley so much I stuck around and now live in Lagrangeville! I work in healthcare and teach part-time at DCC, spending most of my time reading scientific material. Hoping to flex my brain back to reading more for pleasure :slight_smile:

Hi folks! I’m Mary Zicari, class of 2005. After a stint in DC and politics, I found myself back in Rochester, NY. I am now a business analyst working at the University of Rochester. I joined because…dry January. I’m also looking to read more, and why not connect with fellow alum along the way? I love to write, but don’t do it nearly as much as I want to/need to/should. Looking forward to discussions with you. Cheers!