Introductions to the Book Club

Welcome! This book club will be an opportunity for alumni to read interesting books and discuss them in an online community. The group will read books related to lifelong learning, personal growth, fiction, and other topics the participants are interested in. To help us create a welcoming and connected community, complete the Introductions Checklist below!

Introductions Checklist:

  • Create your online forum profile by clicking on the circle icon in the top right corner of the page, then clicking on the gear. Add your photo and name. Now we can see who we are talking with!

  • Introduce yourself in the comments below. Tell us a bit about who you are, when you graduated, and your hopes for our book club. Tell us a fun fact if you are up for it.

  • Make your plan for how you will get our first book whether that means ordering it, borrowing it from a library, or buying an audio version. Congrats, you have finished all of the tasks on the introductions checklist!