Fondest Memories from Marist

What is one of your fondest memories from Marist? Share a memory in the comments below!

As an undergraduate, I was actively involved in the Marist College Student Government Association (2009-2013). My fondest memories from that mini campus career stem from hurricane relief efforts following Superstorm Sandy. In conjunction with the Public Praxis program and campus Habitat for Humanity chapter, we coordinated two trips to Breezy Point, LI to assist with reconstruction efforts. The trips, and the supply drives coordinated with the help of Campus Ministry, were a heartening example of the impact our campus can make when we all rally together. As the Director for Community Outreach, my inbox flooded with messages from club leaders asking how they could help. Moments like that, transcending individual cohorts and club affiliations to create a unified spirit of community, will always be my favorite.

Personally, I’d also note that our senior hear house in Lower Fulton 15D will forever be a highlight of my Marist career. After three years of various housing configurations, we finally got it right. We were an eclectic group to say the least.

Go Red Foxes.


As Westover illustrates, our memories of others and the attachments we form to them shape our perception of particular places in our narratives.

That’s my justification for sharing this recent piece from The Circle on a figure who undoubtedly played a part in many of our Marist Memories, Bob Lynch.

(On a side note, The Circle remains an excellent resource for alumni who wish to stay tapped in to the campus community. The current students do a wonderful job.)